Alberta has been ranked as one of the most romantic provinces in Canada. 

In a study by, it was found that Albertans have a 44% probability of getting married or an odds of 9/5. 

However, Albertans also have one of the highest divorce rates, at 9.5 per 1,000. 

Romance may be high in Alberta, but the chances of it ending badly are higher than in other provinces. 

This Valentine's Day, provided a data graph exploring marriage rates, divorce rates, sexual satisfaction, dating app interest, and more. 

DataData provided by:

Albertans are also less interested in using dating apps compared to others. 

People in Newfoundland and Labrador have the best chances of getting married at odds of 11/10, or 47.6, and it is also the province with the second lowest divorce rate, just behind Yukon. 

It was found in the data that British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia were the provinces where you are least likely to get married, with an odds of 6/4 or 40%. 

British Columbians also have the highest interest in dating apps, and they are the province with the lowest sexual satisfaction at 57%.  

Valentine's Day is a day of love and romance, but not all provinces seem to agree. 

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