Canadian country music star Brett Kissel announced on Thursday that he will perform a drive-in concert on June 13 in Edmonton.

In partnership with Safeway Canada, Brett Kissel – Live at the Drive-In will take place in the parking lot of the River Cree Resort and Casino, with all proceeds from the show going to support Food Banks Alberta,

Kissel is excited to try something brand new and looking ahead to this challenge in a positive light, "We get an opportunity to bring live music back and do it in a big way.  We're going to do the very first concert in Canadian country music that is drive-in concert west of Edmonton at the River Cree Resort and Casino people will get a chance to enjoy a live concert on big screens a giant stage and listen to it all from the comfort of their own vehicle."

The importance of connecting with each other through music is something that is very important to Kissel, "Music has been an incredible thing for generations that brings people together it's a universal language that we all speak. I really wanted to figure out a way where we could get people together safely to experience a show."

Fans are encouraged to honk their horns to "cheer" on the band who for the first time will be on stage with each member aside from Brett having to be behind their own plexiglass booth.  Kissel noted that when the perform they are usually very interactive with each other so although he will have free range to move around his band will not have that chance, that being said he does say this will not stop them from whipping the crowd up and having a great show for everyone in attendance.  With a huge stage for him to roam on and giant screens so everyone can get the best experience Kissel is excited to share the night with the band and the crowd.

The goal is simple in Kissel's mind, to bring some music and happiness into someones day and to help a great organization in the process, "We want to raise money for a very important cause, which is Food Banks Alberta, also for Canadians who want to become a part of the action Safeway is setting up an opportunity for people to text in donations and then Safeway will match that. Safeway will match that up to $25,000.00 of additional funding for the Food Banks of Alberta."

Kissel has seen first hand the hit the pandemic has had on the music industry, but with that he notes that he has also seen musicians and performers reaching out in news ways and connecting and engaging with fans like never before. When asked what he is most looking forward to besides of course getting back on stage it was no brainer, "I have to be honest I am a hugger, I miss that contact with people I love giving people a hug or a handshake and welcoming them to a show. That is something that I really miss you know standing six feet apart and looking at a relative it's awkward to me because I am a person who likes physical touch, so I am looking forward to looking at my family members and saying come on in let's have a big long hug."

Being the first to try something new can be intimidating, but Kissel looks at this as a great way to support Albertans, to share a moment with fans of country music, to get back on stage with his band, and to bring everybody a sense of normal in a time of chaos.

Tickets, priced at $50 per vehicle, go on sale May 25 at 10 am local time through Ticketmaster. There is the chance for 180 vehicles of fans to attend the show but as Kissel noted no passenger vans, buses, limousines of vehicles of that nature will be permitted.

Hear the full interview with Brett Kissel below: