This week, Golden Hills School Division (GHSD) entered into Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with Legacy Farm Project.

This is a significant stride in bridging the past and future of agriculture.

GHSD and Legacy Farm Project listed a series of goals for the collaboration which include:

  1. Foster Innovation: Encourage new ideas, technologies, and practices to advance the agriculture community.
  2. Inspire Future Generations: Providing educational opportunities, mentorship, and resources that will encourage young minds to pursue careers in agriculture.
  3. Create Sustainability: Focus on promoting sustainability within the agriculture sector by implementing and advocating for resource management and eco-friendly solutions.
  4. Accelerate Education: Providing accessible, high-quality learning experiences.
  5. Grow Young Minds: Aim to develop the talents and skills of young people in the agricultural environment.
  6. Create dedicated education and culinary spaces for dual credit opportunities for high school students and create opportunities for student work experience.

The goal of the MOU is to create a significant and lasting impact on the future of agriculture.

Jeff Grimsdale, Superintendent of Schools with GHSD, spoke about the multiple opportunities the Legacy Farm Project will provide students in the area.

“This will increase the connection we have to agriculture in the area. Instead of developing this project at just one school, we will be able to provide multiple opportunities to schools in Strathmore and surrounding areas such as Carseland and Wheatland Crossing as well,” Grimsdale said.

Younger students in elementary school will be able to tour the farm and look at livestock and farm plots, learn from agriculture demos, and experience farmyard education.

There will also be work experience and registered apprentice programs available for high school-aged students.

“Golden Hills School Division is excited for the opportunities the partnership with The Legacy Farm Project will bring our students. The utilization of the education center will offer students opportunities in dual credit and work experience programs. The potential for career internships, Registered Apprentice Programs, and field trips with hands-on learning opportunities for elementary schools will offer Golden Hills School Division students exclusive and valuable agriculture education," said GHSD Board of Trustees Chair, Laurie Huntley.

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