The 2024 Chestermere by-election is a month away, and Scot Caithness has put his name in the hat, vying for a spot as councillor.

Caithness brings 25 years of business and development experience with large international engineering firms, which he says provided valuable exposure to and integration with Middle Eastern and European cultures, along with a long list of professional and community service.

He's also served on a few city boards," So I've seen much of what's been happening firsthand within the City of Chestermere." 

He is the current chairman of the Grant Adjudication Committee and the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, the former chairman of the Municipal Planning Commission for the city, and a board member of the Rocky View Chestermere Agricultural Society.

Caithness says he will regain the trust of his fellow Chestermere residents by repairing the city's relationship with the municipal government.

The Alberta government recently released a report on how the city mismanaged funds, which comes off the heels of former Mayor Jeff Colvin and three councillors being let go.

"I'm a former member and chairman of the Municipal Government Board for the province, so I've had a lot of exposure to municipal affairs, and they've had a lot of exposure to me. So, I have a good rapport with them, which will help us in whatever policymaking we need to do to satisfy the requirements of the two investigations." 

Caithness wants to continue to build the trust of the provincial government, citizens, and the trust of administration. 

One of the key issues that Caithness wants to address is working on the city's relationship with Rocky View County, catching up on infrastructure, and addressing economic development. 

"These are just some of the key ones we can work on during this short term."

Caithness says it's vital for residents to go to the polls during municipal elections.

"I think it's really important for people and residents to take responsibility for marking the ballot, especially with all that has happened in the last while."

The Chestermere by-election will take place on June 24.

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