The Business Excellence Awards (BEAs) were hosted in Strathmore on Friday night. 

The event hosted by the Strathmore Wheatland County Chamber of Commerce (SWCC) was a sold out evening set to a Paris backdrop. 

Mike McCutcheon Chair of the SWCC was appreciative of all of the hard work that was put in to make this event happen.

"We had a lot of help from our directors and some volunteers and overall the success of the night was brought together by the attendees."

McCutcheon was thrilled to see so many businesses recognized and nominated for this year's awards. 

"It's very important to show that small businesses in the community have a big voice and that the Chamber is aware that they are here and that everybody is supporting the growth of Strathmore and Wheatland County." 

It was not a traditional sit-down dinner event that many who have attended may have experienced in the past.  To align with the Evening in Paris theme this year the organizers had 7 different local food vendors placed around the room for people to visit similar to if you would be walking through the streets of Paris. 

eventPhoto credit SWCC 

"We wanted to make sure that the evening didn't go too long this time because I know in the past it's gone quite a bit longer. Also if you have a big meal and you're sitting there for a while, it gets kind of tiring.  So I think the whole appetizer thing do a couple of awards have a little bit of a break and do the rest of the awards and you're in and out within two to three hours it's actually a good model."

With the setup of multiple vendors, McCutcheon said it also allowed the event to showcase multiple businesses in the food industry from the area.  Attendees were treated to food from Four Sisters, Mike's Bar & Grill, Rosebud Country Inn, Poplar Bluff Organics, Easton's Grub, Aspen Crossing, and Baldwin BBQ.

The night as a whole went really well but the highlight for McCutcheon and the SWCC team was seeing everyone come together again after having the awards done virtually the past two years. 

"It was the smiles on people's faces when they walked into the event and saw the venue and the happiness of the winners and just all the support that all the members and the people in attendance provide to the Chamber."

A live auction for the artwork created during the show was held to benefit the Non-Profit Business of the Year and that along with the locks of love that were sold to mimic the love lock bridge in Paris raise over $2500 for the Non-Profit winners. 

eventPhoto credit SWCC 

This event took a team of people to bring it to life, McCutcheon explained that the SWCC Events Coordinator Heather Dougall and her team led by Amanda Bazant had a great hand in the success of the evening. 

The winners in the 13 categories are:

  • Best New Business of the Year - Baldwin BBQ    
  • Non-Profit Business of the Year - Wheatland Chrisi Society     
  • Ag Business of the Year - More Than Just Feed                      
  • Customer Service - Individual of the Year - Matthew Narajiwsky The Sharp Shop                               
  • Custom Service - Business of the Year - Value Drug Mart    
  • Small Business of the Year - 748 Kisling farms
  • Medium Bussiness of the Year - Crystal Ridge Dental           
  • Large Business of the Year - Value Drug Mart                    
  • Wheatland County Business of the Year - 748 Kisling farms                                                                                                
  • Youth Entrepreneur of the Year - Eastons Grub              
  • Social Media Pioneer of the Year - Wheatland Kings Jr. B Hockey Club                        
  • Home-based Business of the Year - Sarah's Cut Flowers       
  • Downtown Business of the Year - connectFirst Credit Union
eventPhoto credit SWCC 


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