Jowayria Tilly is the 2022 Valedictorian of Golden Hills Learning Academy and her dedication and consistent work ethic in both academics and her pursuit of excellence in hockey have made her more than deserving of that title.

Tilly is more than excited for her future and plans to attend post-secondary for a degree in pediatric occupational therapist in order to work with kids with disabilities. 

Tilly has taken her classes online and while some view this as a detriment to development Tilly does not.
"I am at home for most of my days, but I think that’s what I really loved about being an online learner. I had the freedom to train and study whenever I wanted. This gave me the freedom to set my own study schedule, go to gym, or the rink and work on specific skills that I wanted to achieve, to gain an edge over my teammates, and opponents."
Hockey is an important part of Tilly's life she is currently working on getting recruited to play hockey at the collegiate level. So, it is no surprise that one of the stand-out influences in her life so far is a former coach and trainer.

"Coach David Addison. He was one of my trainers and coaches who has known me for a while now. He’s witnessed my progress and because of his support and great knowledge about the game of hockey he has helped me become a better and more confident player. Coach Addy consistently took the time to help me improve and always gave me feedback whenever I needed it and even when I didn’t think I needed it. He always gave me a sense of positivity and continues to me achieve my goals."
Tilly is very confident in her skills in both athletics and academics and said that the most valuable lesson she's learned in school is that whatever she puts her mind and the work into she can accomplish.
She was also very thankful and appreciative to everyone who helped get her where she is today 

"Shout out to all my teachers at Golden Hills Learning Academy and of course my family, friends, coaches, trainers and teammates. They were all a big part of my success and I couldn’t have accomplished all that I did without their care and support. They've helped me achieve things that I thought I probably wouldn’t achieve. Such as being named valedictorian. Being valedictorian wasn't even something that crossed my mind initially, so when I got the email that I was named, I was actually surprised and I still am a little bit. But I know that everyone has helped me and everyone has got my back, thanks to them.”
With her skills, confidence and a network of supporters at her back, Jowayria Tilly is sure to succeed, like she always has, at anything she puts her mind to, and the team at 104.5 More Country wishes her luck (not that she needs it) as she begins this new chapter in her life.