The Wheatland Regional Emergency Management (WREM) Partnership Agreement has been updated to include the City of Chestermere. Chestermere signed the partnership agreement already, and the Town unanimously voted in favour to sign the agreement as well.

Strathmore Fire Department Chief David Sturgeon explained there are many benefits to including Chestermere in the WREM, which all focus on the key goal of improving emergency management and responses.

"By including the City of Chestermere as a partner it would increase our capacity and resources available to all parties. Additional funds could be saved by not utilizing external contractors and instead utilizing resources of another member."

Since Chestermere's resources would now be available to Strathmore and Wheatland County and vice versa, Sturgeon expects the expanded network and resources will result in significantly less damages when responding to larger scale emergencies, as quick response times are vital to control these emergencies before they get out of control.

Sturgeon added as far as finances goes, Strathmore and Wheatland County's overall financial obligation doesn't change, but instead of a 50/50 split between Strathmore and the County it will now be a 33% financial contribution from Strathmore, Chestermere, and the County, as Chestermere will match the current funding model. 

As for why Chestermere decided to partner with the WREM rather than another group like Calgary for example, Sturgeon believes the answer is simple.

"The City feels that our organization better aligns with their vision and values and sees a better light for the future of their emergency management program."

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