The 104.5 More Country crew is back on the road making Seed and Feed deliveries and loving this great weather!

Tower Ranches is our next stop and this family farm has been going since 1906, Terry Tower and his crew got started this week.

"We have 3500 acres and it will take us about two to two and half weeks, it is me, my son Curtis, and my grandson and granddaughter." 

This family operation plants peas, wheat, barley, and canola. With potential rain on the way this weekend, Terry says that would be a welcome sight.

Curtis's son Spencer was in his second year at Olds College this past year taking agriculture working towards following in his family's footsteps and his eldest daughter Lexi is a big part of the operation as well, running equipment during both seeding and harvest. 

Today’s delivery was sponsored by Authentic Orthodontics with lunch provided by Mike's Bar & Grill.

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