Chestermere residents are headed to the polls today, as they are tasked with selecting a new mayor and five new city councillors. 

Back in December of last year the Alberta government made a decision to fire Mayor Jeff Colvin and three councillors, Mel Foat, Blaine Funk, and Stephen Hanley.

Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver said at the time, city council had failed to address dysfunction identified by a municipal inspection and didn’t adhere to a province-installed supervisor or the binding directives it was given due to that investigation.

Last week, the City of Chestermere decided to sue Colvin and the three councillors for more than $650,000 based on some of the findings from Deloitte Inc. 

jeffFormer Mayor of Chestermere, Jeff Colvin.

The city claims the four spent taxpayer dollars on lawyers to fight their dismissals, booze, and equipment to surveil city staff, among other costs, without authorization. 

They have denied the allegations, with Colvin and members of his campaign team saying that it interferes with the by-election. 

The three councillors that didn't get fired by Mclver are Sandy Johal-Watt, Shannon Dean, and Ritesh Narayan. 

However, Narayan is the only member of the last council with a confirmed spot on the new one. 

Johal-Watt resigned and took a job in city administration, and Dean stepped down to run for mayor. 

shannon deanMayoral candidate, Shannon Dean.

Dean and Colvin are joined by Marshall Chalmers, another ex-mayor of Chestermere, former city councillor Christopher Steeves, and twenty-three councillor candidates. 

Polls will be open until 8 p.m. tonight at the Chestermere Recreation Centre. You can vote once in a by-election if you meet the following requirements:

  • Are a Canadian Citizen.
  • Are at least 18 years old.
  • Reside in Alberta and your residence is located in Chestermere on election day.

To receive a ballot, you must meet voter eligibility requirements. As set out in the Local Authorities Election Act, it is illegal to cast a ballot without meeting the above criteria. Permanent residents and temporary residents are not permitted to vote.

You must show identification confirming your name and address before receiving a ballot. Two pieces of ID are required. Both must show your name, and at least one must show your current address.

chris steevesMayoral candidate, Christopher Steeves. 

StrathmoreNow will provide you with updates later tonight on the winners of the by-election.

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