September 1 is Alberta Day, and Chestermere-Strathmore MLA Chantelle de Jonge took the opportunity to reflect on what makes our province great.

"I love this province, that is why I got into politics. To go to work every day to improve and to protect this place we call home and to preserve the strength and the freedom and the opportunity, the entrepreneurship that all lends itself to the Alberta spirit and it is a real honour to serve," she said.

Having been our MLA for several months, de Jonge says the opportunity to represent us has been "an incredible experience and a true privelege."

"Standing up for you and your family has and will continue to be the greatest honour of my life."

Having recently been appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary for Affordability and Utilities, de Jonge explained she and the Alberta Government have been working hard to try and address the affordability crisis. Having heard from many community members about their struggles, de Jonge explained the Provincial Government has been focused on improving our economy to help get more money in our pockets.

"Since the beginning of 2023, Alberta has led Canada in job growth, creating 40,000 net new jobs. Further, at $1,290 per week, Albertans are enjoying the highest average weekly earnings by far in the entire country. Major industrial projects being advanced right here in our riding only add to our bright future."

De Jonge added the Affordability Action Plan has made "a noticeable difference for Albertans," as we are paying the lowest prices in the country for fuel, and our housing prices are also quite low compared to other provinces.

As for moments that stood out to her, de Jonge says being involved in the community and being a part of so many events has been a huge highlight of her time as MLA, but a particularly noteworthy moment was during our Strathmore Stampede.

"We were especially blessed to have Premier Danielle Smith spend a day with us at the Strathmore Stampede, riding in the parade and watching the Running with the Bulls."

Ultimately, one of de Jonge's top priorities will always be community and the importance of supporting our concerns, and she looks forward to continuing her work to try and make our lives as great as possible.

"Your enthusiasm is infectious and I look forward to meeting many more of you in the near future."

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