Earlier this year, Health Canada approved more than five million bottles of the Turkish children's medication Parol for purchase by the Alberta Government. This was supposed to arrive last weekend to help address the children's medication shortage experienced by Albertans all across the province, but the shipment has been delayed.

There has been no word on the cause of the shipment’s delay, but the shipment is expected to arrive later in the week.

Despite this setback, Strathmore Value Drug Mart explained they still have children's medication available, although it's in limited supply.

"We've been getting dribs and drabs of Tylenol and Advil with American markings on it, but we haven't gotten any of the stuff from Turkey. I haven't seen a booking for it or anything," Drug Mart owner Gordon Morck said.

Morck explained he normally hears from his providers when certain medications become available, or he's offered the chance to purchase new medications. Since he hasn't heard about it yet, Morck hasn't had the chance to make a new order. It seems like the rest of Alberta is in the same boat though, as the shipment was delayed.

As for the Advil and Tylenol in stock, Morck said they keep it behind the counter to make sure everyone has a chance to get what they need and prevent hoarding. Regarding the Turkish Parol that is expected later this week, it will first go to 

Once shelves in hospitals have been stocked, Parol will then be made available to pharmacies before being shared with other provinces.

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