The City of Chestermere announced they are taking steps to prepare for drought, flood, and other hazardous climate conditions that may impact operations. 

Due to low river flow, snowpack conditions, and reservoir shortage capacity, Alberta is at risk of both drought and water shortages. 

“We are proactively accelerating our plans, procedures, and communications to be ready for a water shortage to ensure our city, businesses, and residents are ready for the upcoming conditions,” the City of Chestermere said in a social media post. 

Without the desired moisture and depending on conditions, water restrictions could be put in place earlier in the season and for longer. 

Officials also warn of the potential for different restrictions than last year. 

“We are working closely with our regional partners to be coordinated and prepared. This includes working closely with the City of Calgary as well as other members of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board to ensure our residents are properly informed and that we’re saving water, where possible, to meet future demand.” 

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