Paige Wytinck’s seventh grade class at Crowther Memorial Junior High is February’s Classroom of the month, and the 104.5 More Country Team visited them with pizza from Boston Pizza! 

The new year has been treating Wytinck and her seventh graders well so far, but she explains it has been an adjustment period. 

“I am coming back from two years outside of the classroom. I did online learning and then I went and had a baby. Then having my grade sevens transition from elementary school has been good. We are getting there, and it has been a good transition so far.” 

Wytinck was away from the classroom while the COVID19 pandemic was in full force and she says coming back from that hasn't affected her in the way that she teaches or sees her students.  

“I didn’t really teach during COVID, so I came in as a blank slate. I think that really helped me just to look at it how it was before because that is all I knew. So, I treated my grade sevens exactly as it was, and the transition has gone well that way.” 

Wytinck says that she is not focusing on COVID. She is moving on, stepping up and thinking about what she needs for the education of her students. 

“If things arise, we will address it. If there is anything lingering from COVID we will address it when it comes up. If it is not coming up, then I would rather just pretend that it didn’t happen.” 

As for the rest of the school year the grade seven gets to go to the Calgary Zoo for a year end trip and the grade eights get to go skiing. The school is also doing a trip to Portugal in April and Miss Wytinck is going to be a chaperone for that.  

“It's going to be exciting and a cool experience for everybody that is involved in that.”  

Classroom of the Month is sponsored by Audra Reinhardt with CIR Realty with lunch provided by Boston Pizza.  Congratulations to Miss Wytinck and her class for being February’s classroom of the month!   

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