The Strathmore Ringette Club is hosting a free 'Come Try It" event this Sunday from 1:00-3:00 PM!

The event is a free opportunity to try ringette, and it's focused on kids around the 6-12 year old age range. The event is open to everybody; even if you don't own skates, a stick, or a helmet, the club can provide you with all that gear provided you let them know about it in advance!

"Anybody who is interested in trying ringette can come try it for free and it's an hour of ice time and they just get to come see what it's like, and if they're interested they can join the association after," said Strathmore Ringette Club's Player Development Coordinator Brooke Parker.

Parker hopes people interested come try it, because she said ringette is a great sport.

"It's definitely a team based sport, and it's all about fun, friendship, and fitness. It's not like hockey, it looks like hockey because you're in hockey skates, you're wearing a helmet, your stick is straight instead of being a hockey stick. The difference is you can't skate end to end in ringette, you have to pass over the blue line so that forces you to work with your teammates and it creates a great team environment. It's a very fun sport."

If you're interested in trying this event, you can register at this link. And for more information about the club itself, you can visit their website.

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