There have been some complaints from Strathmore community members regarding loud drivers and potential speeding, which some say are not only a nuisance but also dangerous.

The Town's Director of Community and Protective Services and Acting Manager for Municipal Enforcement Mark Pretzlaff said the Town is aware of these complaints and has been patrolling streets in their efforts to control speeding.

"Our municipal enforcement staff are out there enforcing radar and speed limits at designated areas. It takes time, but these measures are in place, and once we find someone who is speeding we take due action," he said.

"They do actively patrol throughout days and evenings, but ultimately they can't be everywhere at all times."

Regarding noise complaints, Pretzlaff said noise and speeding often go hand in hand, but this is not always the case, as there could be other instances where people intentionally work with their car to make it louder. While he didn't want to discredit people's noise complaints, he explained this can be harder to assess compared to speeding.

"We're trying to do our best to manage these things, often it's in the ears of the beholder when it comes to noise. When it comes to noise complaints, what's loud to one person may not be as loud for another."

Some complaints have been saying these speeders are also street racing, but Pretzlaff said he personally has not heard or seen of this. He said this could possibly be because the complaints went straight to the RCMP rather than the Town. If you're concerned about street racing, Pretzlaff said the best course of action would be the RCMP.

"I would definitely not encourage anyone to get in the way of street racing or anything like that. My suggestion would be to immediately contact the RCMP and they can obviously dispatch people and things like that."

Pretzlaff added the Town partners with the RCMP, commenting that the RCMP "are very diligent in what they are able to do as well."

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