Beef producers are looking for their new herd sires this time of year.

Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) Research and Innovation Coordinator, Stacey Domolewski, says there's no one type of bull perfect for all operations.

Domolewski says it's important to determine the goals of new herd sires prior to the sale, such as whether the bull will be used for heifers, a terminal cross or used as a maternal sire.

"Everybody has different things that they're looking to select for in their herd and within their operation, so rather than trying to find the best bull, it's more about finding the right fit for the operation."

She says it's also important to consider the bull's confirmation traits.

Domolewski notes birth weight is just one of the factors which needs to be taken into consideration when selecting for calving ease.

"The shape of that calf, the cow herd in general, the size of your cows play a role as well. There is an EPD (Expected Progeny Differences) for calving ease which does take into effect not only birth weight but some other factors as well."

She adds selecting more feed efficient bulls won't produce immediate results, but it is a very heritable trait which can be seen by retaining heifers and bull selection.

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