The Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Commerce's (SWCC) second annual cookie walk was one of many things enjoyed by our community this weekend, and to say it was incredibly well received would be quite an understatement.

Past Chair of the SWCC Hayley Poirier explained they initially had 60 cookie tins available, but those sold out so fast they added 12 more, which also went immediately. It seemed like Strathmore just couldn't get enough of their cookies, which resulted in a fun time for all involved!

"We wanted a fun and interactive idea for people that was related to the season, and who doesn't like cookies?" she said.

The cookie walk is an event where people get a tin to fill up with cookies from local businesses. 24 businesses were involved this year, and as you walk around with your tin you'll receive a cookie! Upon receiving the tin, you also got an interactive map that helped guide you to everywhere involved.

While the appeal of the cookie walk is simple enough to see for all families involved, Poirier explained it's also great for businesses as well.

"The biggest piece of information that we heard back from those businesses was the amount of people coming into their businesses on Saturday, which was exactly what we were hoping for, and people having conversations with business owners that maybe they haven't seen for a while or a business that they've never been in." 

The walk cost $20 to register for, and while a portion of the money went towards organizational costs for the SWCC, the majority of it went to the Wheatland and Area Hospice Society and the Strathmore Legion as a donation. While Poirier doesn't have the exact numbers, she estimates each group received a couple hundred dollars.

The Cookie Walk was clearly a huge hit for businesses and the community, so the SWCC will definitely be bringing it back next year. Poirier said they like the event to have a smaller, intimate feel, so they'll try to limit sales so it doesn't get too big. That being said, she said they're looking at expanding to 100 tins for next year since the event was so popular.

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