Cross country skiing has once again returned to the Strathmore Golf Course, but this year will look a little bit different from last year. SGC Head Golf Professional Brad Gagne explained there won't be tracks like years past.

"There was a gentlemen who basically did it for free, he owned a grooming machine and he just came out and groomed trails, so it was never something the golf course itself did, and he has retired, so there's nobody to make the trails anymore."

Even though there aren't pre-cut trails, the course is still open to anybody who wants to enjoy some cross country skiing. Even without the grooming machine, tracks still exist from people who've already gone out.

"You can see there's trails, somebody's gone out and done it. There's some trails cut in from people who've been going."

It costs $5 to ski at the golf course, and once you're there you have free access to the entire course, as there's no set paths. As for the future, Gagne said the course has no plans to make tracks, as the course doesn't have the equipment or the people who know how to do it. However, he said if anybody would be willing to volunteer the course would gladly accept their help.

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