Last week, Strathmore and the area had quite the snowfall event happen and with all that snow you would think that it was record-breaking. 

However, according to Natalie Hazel with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), there is no way to tell if Strathmore broke a record even with the snow we got.

"Many places that measure precipitation don't measure snow the way we think. The snow falls into the gauge, it is melted and then we are told what the liquid equivalent is, so it's not how much you shoveled or how heavy the snow was."

But in the Calgary area, Hazel noted that between April 4 and 5, the city got around 15.2 centimeters of snow.

"March and April are the snowiest months in the year, March more so than April, but you can get snow well into June."

Hazel said normally for April, the area is expected to get 18.8 centimeters of snow plus the amount of rain that happens in April too. 

"Strathmore certainly had quite a bit of snow compared to some other places just recently." 

When looking at the upcoming forecast Hazel explained that Strathmore is in a freeze-thaw cycle at the moment. 

"There will be icy conditions, especially in the overnight and early morning periods. But with temperatures being quite warm in the next while I expect most of the snow and ice to be gone."

Hazel did mention that flurries are still very much in the forecast for the middle of April, sometime around the week of April 15. 

"Temperatures at night are going to be below 0 and temperature during the day could be below zero. Snow could fall but that could turn into freezing rain as well."

The daytime high forecasted by Environment and Climate Change Canada for today (April 10) is around 11 degrees and tomorrow (April 11) we will even reach a high of 16. The week should stay relatively sunny but as we start next week, we will see more chances of freezing rain or snow.

ecccPredicted weather forecast for Strathmore by ECCC

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