Educators in Strathmore learned about the Legacy Farm on Monday and how it could be used to help educate students.

Staff with the farm say they have a vision for the area to become a destination for agricultural tourism and a business hub in the region.

Teachers from Golden Hills School Division and Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools joined together to brainstorm and listen to staff with the Legacy Farm about how the spot can become a hub for those interested in agriculture.

Jeff Grimsdale, the Superintendent of Schools with Golden Hills School Division, says creative mini workshops were also held to look at future curriculum should students come to the area to learn.

"Simple things like field trips coming out here. There will be a paddock out here, along with crop plots. All the way up for our older kids that could do a Green Certificate here, or Registered Apprenticeships Programs here."

Andrea Holowka, the Superintendent of Schools for Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools, also touted the benefits of future careers in agriculture for students moving forward.

"Here in Strathmore certainly looking for students to engage. To understand careers that are possible, but also to become more informed about the science and technology that is really emerging from the agriculture community is really important for our students."