Winter weather is hard on vehicles, and without proper maintenance, consistent exposure to extreme cold can ruin the longevity of your car.

Chris Williams, parts manager at Strathmore Dodge, offers some advice on how to keep your car running this winter.

“The main things I always suggest that people get checked out in the winter are their tires, coolant, battery, and block heater. Battery checks are especially important this time of year,” Williams said.

According to Williams, this is the time of year when many people start to have issues with their car batteries.

“Make sure your block heater cord is working because the last thing you want is to plug your car into your house and find out the next morning that your vehicle won't start. It's a major thing that many people forget about,” Williams expressed.

One thing that often gets overlooked but is extremely crucial is having good, working windshield wipers, as visibility can be easily affected by snow and slushy roads.

“Winter is really hard on our vehicles, and it is important to do preventative maintenance, especially during these cold snaps in January and February,” Wiliams emphasized.

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