This month, the works of mixed media and brush lettering artist, Heather Ulmer, are on display in the gallery at the Strathmore Municipal Library.

The Strathmore Municipal Library also offers art exhibition space. Art exhibitions usually last for about one month. Many of the pieces that are in the exhibits are for sale.

This is the second time Ulmer’s works have been featured at the library. In this show her works vary from brush lettering calligraphy, to landscaping and floral paintings

“I love to do landscapes. I am always inspired by nature. I love experimenting, just trying new techniques and different looks,” said Ulmer.

Ulmer has a number of works that are mixed media.

“That’s probably one of my favourite things to do, to layer on different papers and textures and make wrinkles on the canvas, and make it interesting and then paint over the top,” she said.

She explained that the works can be realistic or something completely different. She also has a number of drip paintings as well.

Ulmer explained that she has always wanted to be an artist.

“I’ve always loved to create and use my hands for things,” she said. She has showed her work as a young teenager, and at the library last year.

In the future, she hopes to continue showing her works elsewhere. She currently has a website,, that features her blog. She also has a YouTube channel that focuses on scrapbooking.

“That’s my other main passion. I own a business called Wild Whisper where we manufacture and design our own products for scrapbooking,” she said.