The Heavy Item Garbage Program, or H.I.G program, is back from September 18-27. With that, the Trash to Treasure Program is also back from September 14-17. 

The Trash to Treasure program exists so residents can have the opportunity to grab some of the H.I.G items and use it for themselves so that there is a lesser chance of garbage going into the landfills. If you're interested in participating you can look around town for items marked with an H.I.G tag, which means it's available to be taken.

Typically, you can expect pretty useful items, such as furniture someone may not need anymore, or recreational amenities like ping pong tables.

H.I.G. week traditionally occurs twice a year and is available to residents who pay a residential garbage charge on the Town of Strathmore utility bill. 

This program helps residents dispose of items that are too large to be collected in the black bins. This program costs the town about $75,000 per year and takes 120 tonnes of large items of garbage to be transported to a landfill. 

The service is provided by Waste Management (WM), under contract to the Town of Strathmore.

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