Photographer Carmen Peccie brings her breathtaking photos to the Strathmore Library as this month's artist of the month.

Having done photography for 40 years, Peccie explained her drive to continue taking photos comes from all the opportunities nature provides her to capture beautiful moments.

"You can look at those pictures again and bring back those memories of that experience. Also, if you see something amazing being able to share it with other people that maybe weren't able to be there," she said. 

Being able to share her work is one of Peccie's main joys when it comes to photography, as it gives so many people an opportunity to see a sight they may have missed out on otherwise. For example, some people may not be able to drive, or may be too old to go on hikes, so being able to share her experiences with others is something she finds quite special. On top of that, seeing her photos could bring back happy memories of your own, so even though you may not have seen the exact sight Peccie did, she hopes you're able to find happiness through her work by drawing on your own similar experiences.

artHeart of the Canyon by Carmen Peccie

Peccie is always on the lookout for great photo opportunities, as nature can always present you with sublime scenery at any given moment. For example, "Heart of the Canyon" was taken at Maligne Canyon at Jasper National Park, and Peccie didn't go out with this specific photo in mind.

"I actually didn't have my camera with me and I walked across the bridge and saw how the light had just hit that area in the Canyon and I just ran back to my truck and grabbed my camera as fast as I could because I knew you literally had like 10 minutes to get that shot." 

artSulfur in Lily by Carmen Peccie

"Sulfur in Lily" is another example of just finding beauty when you're not expecting it, as this photo was actually taken with her phone! She said you won't always have your fancy camera equipment, but sometimes you just have to get the shot no matter what.

With her 40 years of experience, Peccie has seen the change from film to digital, which she really appreciates, as digital allows way more photos to be taken without the fear of wasting film. 

If you're interested in purchasing her art you can visit the Strathmore Library where several of her prints are on display, or you could also contact her at

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