Pumpkins for pigs? Believe it or not, pumpkins are loved by pigs, and you can make a pig's day by donating your old pumpkins to farms rather than throwing them out!

EH Farms, located 10 minutes North of Strathmore, is back this year and will be collecting your old pumpkins for their pigs. They will have their truck parked outside of the 104.5 More Country radio station located at 250 Edgefield Place (next to Pet Valu).

In the past, EH Farms owner/operator Christina Stender said the collection has been a hit and the pigs are always very excited when they come back with these treats.

"We fill the bucket with the tractor and as soon as they see the bucket come they get pretty excited, it only lasts maybe 2 hours and then everything is absolutely gone." 

pigPhoto Credit EH Farms

Stender's mangalitsa pigs are a rare sight to see in Canada. Her farm was the first to import them into the country. 

"They are very hairy and they are the last pigs in the world to have this hairy coat. They are a really cool breed. The other difference is that normal pigs take 4-8 months to raise before they go to harvest, with my pigs it takes two years."

EH Farms has been involved in Open Farm Days the past couple of years and Stender explained that during Covid they opened up for more tours just to give people something to do. Out of that, Stender said they now have a Junior Farmer program where parents can bring their kids for the day and they get the full farm experience with Stender.

"We had quite a few kids sign up for that and basically they get to do my chores for me and learn all about farming and today just happened to be pick up poop day," Stender chuckled. She added at the end of the day, kids have two reactions: either they want to come back or they are OK with letting someone else do the farming. 

Stender and her family enjoy the opportunity to show kids who may not otherwise be exposed to farm life how much work does go into and where their food comes from. To book a tour Stender explained that people can reach out to them through their social media pages or through their website.

Stender will have their farm truck parked at the 104.5 More Country radio station on November 1 from 8:30 am to 6 pm

women in a truck with pumpkinsChristina Stender during last years pickup at 104.5 More Country!

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