Last week, the Strathmore Municipal Library hosted a book folding event. 

Book folding is an art form that involves repurposing old books and turning them into creative pieces of decor. 

Vivianne Borley, a local artist and book folding instructor, discussed what inspired her to start offering a book folding class. 

Borley initially got interested in book folding while making seasonal displays for a library in Rockyford. 

There was a lot of interest from people, and Borley thought this could be something she could teach. 

She started to offer book folding classes at the Wheatland Lodge, and it was a success. 

“I thought book folding would be great for seniors because it involves creativity, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination,” Borley said. 

At this point, Borley was volunteering at the Strathmore Library and thought it would be a nice activity to host there as well. 

“There was a lot of interest in the event right from the start. Within the first 45 minutes, nine people registered.” 

The first book folding event was a huge success, and this is something that Borley hopes she can offer more frequently. 

Borley believes that book folding is an accessible activity that anyone can do. 

“I love book folding because it doesn't cost a lot of money, and you get to be creative. You can use your hands, and it's something you can put down and walk away from. Over the years, I have added my touches to it.” 

Through Borley's volunteer work at the Wheatland Lodge, she has found a passion for teaching seniors how to fold books. 

Borley even taught her 76-year-old mother how to bookfold, which sparked a newfound obsession for her. 

“My mother has gone crazy over it. I think I saved her a few more years in her life because she has gone crazy for book folding. It has brought out her inner child.” 

The art of book folding is also a great way to repurpose old books that would otherwise end up in landfills. 

“The books we use for our art are not in circulation anymore. So, we’re saving them from the landfill by repurposing them into a piece of art.” 

Borley loves to share her art with members of the community and hopes to one day offer regular book folding classes. 

Anyone who is interested in book folding or wants to host a book folding event is encouraged to reach out to Borley at  

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