Canadian icons Ryan Reynolds and Terry Fox came together in an unexpected collaboration when Reynolds designed a shirt to support the Terry Fox Foundation.

The Vancouver born movie star announced in a tweet he partnered with the foundation to create this shirt, where all proceeds will go towards cancer research. 

Featuring Terry Fox and several phrases like "Dear Terry," the shirt has received such an overwhelmingly positive response that presales are already open, despite the fact that most Terry Fox Runs don't take place until September. With this success also comes many people trying to sell fakes to make a quick buck at your expense.

If you want to buy the real shirt where the proceeds go to charity, make sure you buy it from the Terry Fox Foundation website. This is the only place where you can make sure your money is going towards the foundation, rather than a third party who stole the design for their own use.

A quick Google search of "Ryan Reynolds Terry Fox shirt" would advertise the shirt from Etsy, but these shirts aren't the real deal. While they may look it, these shirts are being sold for a profit by a third company, rather than the foundation itself.

Last year's Terry Fox run in Strathmore was a huge success, raising more than $10 000. This isn't including fundraising efforts by other groups and schools, who also raised thousands of dollars like the $2 000 raised by Crowther Memorial Junior High.

If you want to build on Strathmore's reputation of strongly supporting the Terry Fox Foundation, while also getting yourself a nice shirt, make sure to visit the Foundation's website here to place your preorder. If you purchase from any other website your money may not go to charity, it could go to a third party who stole the design for their own gain.

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