The Strathmore Venom will be hosting their annual Redneck Rumble on June 2 and 3, which will see teams from across the province visit our community and battle it out. This tournament features the Venom teams from U11 to U17.

With 44 games scheduled throughout the weekend, Vice President of Strathmore Lacrosse Travis Gauthier is excited to host such a huge event. Beyond the obvious main focus of lacrosse, Gauthier said it's about more than just that and will be a fun community event.

"There's going to be a lot of stuff going on around the Strathmore arena, we're going to have DJs on both floors with music going from Prairie Party services, which will be super fun for the kids, and we'll be doing a lot of contests. We got a raffle table with lots of awesome donations and stuff from people around the community, it's going to be really, really busy and really, really exciting," he said.

He added there will also be a progressive 50/50 which is active right now online, and "chicken poop bingo." Gauthier hopes many people come out to cheer the Venom on and enjoy the day.

"There's no entry fee to come out and watch and we're going to be doing a lot of free giveaways throughout for fans. And we're actually going to have special guests from the Calgary Roughnecks and the Roughnecks drill crew out as well making an appearance on Saturday." 

Gauthier expects this tournament to be a big highlight in what has been a very good season up to this point, and thanked all the people who help support the team and the upcoming Redneck Rumble.

"I just want to thank all of our sponsors that we've had donating to this tournament, and I'd like to thank all the parents and everyone for helping out, so it's been awesome."