Two days ago, a man was lurking around a home at 4:00 in the morning in the Westmount area.

Lanna Christie and her husband own the home but fortunately for them, it is their investment property and not where they are residing full-time with their kids. Christie said that she ended up checking the security videos because there have been numerous reports of a crime spree in Strathmore.

"Somebody was actually checking our vehicles here as well, on our property. That is the main reason as to why I checked the videos."

Christie and her husband sent a report to the RCMP but it's hard for them to do anything with only seeing the grainy footage of her security videos and not much of the individual's face.

"They could charge him with trespassing if they knew who he was. Other than that, he would just get a ticket but it's hard to see who he is in the video."

Even though it's an investment property, Christie said they have spent time at that house and their children also live there for periods of time. Because of that, she felt having security cameras was important to her and her family's safety. After viewing the footage, she felt it was important to share the potential danger with other families so they would be aware and prepared.

"I wanted the community to know what was going on, it sucks that you can't feel safe in your own home. I was also reluctant to show my kids that video because they will never want to stay in that house again." 

A pipe was found on the property and that made Christie wonder what he was doing at the house to begin with. 

"I looked out the kitchen window and I saw the pipe sitting on our patio. There is also a table outside with a cover on it and my dog was under there and he's acting all sketchy, so I panicked thinking the man was sleeping under it."

However, nothing was taken from the property, not even the garbage can full of empty pop bottles that was left outside. 

"I just made the post because I just want everybody to be aware of all the things that can happen even in our own community." 

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