Cannoli, a 6-year-old toy Australian Sheppard, has been missing since Sunday afternoon. 

On Sunday evening, his owner, Donovan S., stopped at the A&W in Strathmore after traveling. 

Donovan went to take Cannoli out of his kennel in the car when suddenly he got spooked, ran out of the kennel, slipped through Donovan's arms, and ran fast, far away. 

While Cannoli escaped from the vehicle, his collar and identification tags fell off. 

Immediately, Donovan started searching for Cannoli and made posts about the missing dog on multiple Strathmore Facebook groups, and he notified the RCMP, who are currently helping in the search. 

A significant feature of Cannoli is that he was wearing an orange diaper at the time of his escape, as he must wear a diaper while traveling long distances in the car. 

According to Donovan, he has been spotted with the diaper still on, but it could potentially have fallen off now as Cannoli has most likely lost weight over the past few days due to running around and not eating. 

“I am so extremely worried about him. I don't even have the words to say. I really need him back in my arms,” Donovan said. 

Many Strathmore residents have been invested in getting Cannoli home safe and have been posting updates on social media when they see him. 

“We had a possible sighting, although it's not confirmed yet, that Cannoli was last seen yesterday (Feb 29) around 3-4 p.m. at the intersection by the Animal Care Center. The day before that, he was staying in the general area of where the Strathmore RCMP office is and went as far as the stockyards,” Donovan said. 

Other locations that Cannoli has been spotted by include the 7/11, Mikes Bar and Grill, Napa Auto, and Pure Country Meats. 

“I'm very devastated right now, but I am trying to stay as strong as possible for him because he has been staying strong. He has made it through three days of -20-degree weather.” 

Donovan asks that if you spot Cannoli, do not approach him, as he is quite frightened being away from home in an unfamiliar area. 

Instead, he asks that you please call or text him immediately at 587-834-5634 so he can properly retrieve Cannoli. 

Donovan has been setting up spots with food and treats in the areas that Cannoli was sighted in to try and catch him, as he most likely will be hungry. 

Many locals and Donovan have been canvassing Strathmore in hopes of finding Cannoli. Donovan asks the residents of Strathmore to please watch out for Cannoli and contact him immediately if spotted. 

CannoliA closer look at Cannoli. 

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