Health is one of the most important things a person can have, and Strathmore Value Drug Mart (SVDM) is making it as accessible as possible for seniors living in seniors' centres like the Wheatland Lodge.

For the last couple of years, (SVDM) has gone to these locations to help seniors get vaccinated against the flu or Covid, if they're interested. Resident Manager at the Wheatland Lodge Christi Shworak says this is a big help, as it eliminates any potential obstacles that might prevent someone from getting a vaccine.

"It helps the residents where they don't have to go out or find family physicians or health clinics to get these vaccines because it's all brought in-house. Also, family members don't have to take off time from work or make other arrangements to help them out at a specific time. It makes it easier for families as well to know that their resident or family member has already been receiving the vaccine in the lodge," she said.

It also eliminates winter-exclusive risks, like slippery and bumpy roads that could be dangerous for seniors to walk on.

Shworak added it's especially nice to have SVDM do it, as many seniors in the Lodge already go to them for their medications, so they know the people there and are comfortable asking questions. This vaccine service used to be provided by AHS, and while there was nothing wrong with AHS, knowing the faces behind the vaccines and medications has made the process much more comfortable for anyone who may have potential concerns. 

"Value Drug Mart knows a lot of these people and their families and they've been in the community a long time." 

SVDM also goes to other locations like Lambert Village, and SVDM owner Gordon Morck explained they want to go the extra step to make sure everyone who wants to be immunized has the opportunity to do so. He added some seniors aren't able to get to them, and he doesn't want that to be a concern.

As for why SVDM takes the extra effort to stay involved in the community, Morck said for him, it's about finding ways to positively contribute to the community. 

"I can't imagine not being involved, step one is to look after people and what they need. We're happy to do it, I can't imagine doing it any other way," Morck said.

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