Another inspection into the financial management of the City of Chestermere is coming. 

As of January 19, the City of Chestermere received additional correspondence from the Ric McIver advising that the firm Deloitte Inc is going to conduct an inspection into the financial management of the City of Chestermere for the period of October 18, 2021, to December 4, 2023. 

During the course of inspection, the inspectors will inspect the following:

  • Finacial policies, financial controls and financial governance.
  • A sample of finical transactions, including testing of compliance with relevant legislation, stated policies and budget and appropriation process. 
  • Chief administrative officer and council expenses.
  • Financial reporting, hires and procurement, including fees paid for service. 

As part of the review, the inspector may also inspect any other financial issues which are deemed necessary for the report. 

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