Principal Kyle Larson is moving away after more than 20 years with Strathmore High School, and will leave behind a lasting legacy for all the great work he did for his school, his students, and the community.

Larson spent 7 years as a teacher, 9 as a vice principal, and 6 as a principal. Larson was a very active community member both in and out of the school during his 22 years in Strathmore. Working with students gave him an opportunity to be involved in the community in a way that most professions can't match.

"They put a little video montage together as I was leaving and to look back and see some of the kids... you see these kids that came through as developing young adults in high school and to see them grow and start their own families and the people that they've become, it's pretty special to know you've been a part of that and what those kids have grown into, the quality of individuals that they are," Larson said.

"Looking back and seeing the impact you've had on some of those lives is heartwarming."

Larson did a lot of work both in and out of the school. He said some of his in-school highlights was coaching basketball teams and taking the boys' teams into provincials and even winning some zone championships. Out of school, Larson has fond memories of being directly involved in community events and projects.

"You see different people, you serve on different committees and work with different groups of people, and you get that opportunity to see how the community grows too, not just the school. Being involved in different projects like the outdoor rink for example, and 55+ senior games, the school played a pretty significant part in that too. Those types of events, it's fun, it's nice because you're definitely linked right to the community and you see the importance of some of these things to the community, the greater community, not just your school community."

It wasn't just Larson who was involved; his whole family has done a lot of great work in volunteering. Larson explained that getting his three daughters involved was very important to him.

"Certainly they (Larson's daughters) were a part of that, they got 'voluntold' a lot of times what they were going to be doing on weekends and on their own time. They were active participants in it too, and I think those are the opportunities that make for great citizens and learning opportunities for kids, and not just my own."

Larson added that Strathmore has been an amazing place for his family, and appreciates everything the community has done for him.

"Strathmore is a great place for a family. We arrived there with a very young family and saw all three of our kids through to graduation in Strathmore. It's such a good community to live in and to grow in and we feel blessed to have had the chance to be such active participants in the community"

While Larson will no longer be with Strathmore High School, he'll still be involved with education. He and his family are moving to his hometown Jaffray BC, where he will be a vice principal at a local school while also running his parents' ranch with his family. Even though he won't be with us in Strathmore, Larson said he'll always appreciate the community.

"A big thank you to all the people who have helped with the growth of our own family and been involved with our kids, it'll forever have a special place in our heart and we are very thankful for the many friends that we've made and the lifelong friendship that we'll have there."

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