It's been a busy week for Alberta's New Agriculture and Forestry Minister, Devin Dreeshen.

It's Alberta Forest Week and Dreeshen met with students in Innisfail earlier this week to talk about the importance of the Province's forests and how their sustainable management is a responsibility shared by both adults and youth.

He says they handed out tree seedlings to the grade one students.

"It was pretty nice and my nephew even got one, so that was pretty special. It's already planted and in the ground."

Dreeshen says the department sent out a total of 70,000 tree seedlings.

He says Alberta’s forest industry is recognized worldwide for its quality and sustainable harvesting methods.

"In 2018, buyers from the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the EU, and other export markets purchased more than $4.1 billion of Alberta forest productions. This is good, but we can do better."

Dreeshen adds forestry is included in the Government's fightback strategy against foreign-funded attacks on Alberta's resources.