Lil Hoots Children's Boutique is doing its part to help members of the community get on their bikes and ride.

Staff with Joker Bicycle Co. fix the old bikes and bring them back to the store in Strathmore for people to take.

Recently, over $500 was given to the bike repair company to help keep the program running.

Denise Geremia, owner of Lil Hoots, says the program has continued to grow over the years.

"Thirty or forty every year over the first two years. And now we are doing - last time he brought me like 15 bikes."

According to Geremia, it's been incredible to see so many people take the bikes.

"Especially right now with how everyone is having a hard time with being able to afford things. Just groceries and things. If you can get a bike and use it for the whole summer and be able to get around and save some money on gas and things, it's so important."

Geremia says there are usually an assortment of bikes available including ones for kids and adults.

The bike program is on a first come, first served basis.