Community activist Vaishali Kumar is one of the latest people to submit their papers to run in the upcoming Chestermere by-election.

"I never really wanted to get into politics. I sought ways to help and be involved in the city, which led me to new opportunities."

When asked how she plans to regain the trust of Chestermere citizens, Kumar said it is all about seeking stability and consistency. 

"I advocate for a lot of information. I advocate for opening feedback and communication channels so the community can interact directly with City Hall."

Kumar says she wants the community to know what is happening in the city.

"Implement a lot of accountability and transparent policies in City Hall proceedings.

Kumar explains that being transparent with her neighbors is something the City of Chestermere needs.

"If elected, I will make sure I am available to them. I'm available to listen. I'm available to learn, and that's what I want to do. I'm here to work with the community, for the community."

Kumar explained to us what her policies are.

"Empowering our community members to live quality lives by creating accessible resources and recreation, providing skills such as skilled workshops and social aid."

Giving community members a say in what needs to be done is vital to Kumar. 

"It's providing you with the opportunities to volunteer and participate not just in the community but also in City Hall."

Kumar says her policies align with making Chestermere inclusive for all. 

"Investing in a multi-state unit so that all of our neighbors feel welcome and seen, and business partnerships, making sure that our business community has the chance to invest in our city and help it grow and flourish with their expertise and knowledge."

The Chestermere by-election is set for June 24.

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