15-year-old Adrianna Kiemeny is on a roll. It’s been nearly two years since she began a business painting and retouching sneakers and shoes with her own custom designs and now the Strathmore teen’s works can be viewed across the globe through Instagram.

Recently Kiemeny stopped at StrathmoreNow to drop off a Strathmore-themed pair of sneakers.

“I originally started over quarantine. It was quite boring and not those when I first got Instagram and so I saw it with people painting clothing and stuff like that,” she said.

“I had moved during that period of time and I was like, hey, why don't I do that? So I started it. It was quite slow, but now it's starting to pick up and it's been almost two years in the making,” she said.

So far, Kiemeny has been selling her works through local farmers’ markets.

“Right now I'm going to the farmers market in Strathmore over the summer on Fridays and another farmers market in Bearspaw on Saturdays.”

"It's just cool to walk around and see people wearing those shoes that you painted,” she says.

About the shoes she created for StrathmoreNow, she said that they follow of Strathmore theme.

She said she wanted the shoes to reflect the Strathmore Stampede, but also StrathmoreNow, the town and Wheatland. The sides of the shoes are covered with wheat fields and red and white banners.

Kiemeny can be contacted on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.