George Freeman School will be hosting their annual market on January 21 with proceeds going back into the community. One of the new businesses that will be featured in the market is a milkshake business created by Grade 8 Entrepreneurship students Payton Shuman and Siena Armstrong.

Their business is called Mr. Swirly Shakes. Right now they have two flavours, Cookies and Cream Supreme and Cotton Candy. The shakes are also topped with their own specialty toppings, like Oreo crumbs and rainbow sprinkles.

About the market, Payton said, “I think there are around 15 to 20 vendors throughout grades eight and nine. All of the revenue that each vendor makes is going to a local charity in town.”

Armstrong said, “We had had a couple of ideas for the past year of what we wanted to do and we were going to do something like a little bit like burgers and milkshakes, but we decided that would be quite a bit for just two Grade 8 girls. So we decided on just doing milkshakes. It was a unique idea and everybody likes milkshakes.”

She and Shuman have taste-tested their milkshakes one time before showing them off at the market.

Armstrong says, “The milkshake was really good. We hope that other people like it. It is sweet, but it's not like crazy sweet, and that was the cotton candy.”

The Cookies and Cream Supreme shake is just getting the finishing touches complete before the market.

In addition to being able to create their own business model, the two have decided that 100 per cent of their revenue at the market will go to supporting a local charity, the Strathmore Handi Bus.

“We believe that there is much more that we think we can do to help within the handi-cap world. By donating our revenue we hope it will help contribute to their company and help them anywhere they need.”

The market will be held on January 21 from 5 to 7:30 p.m. at George Freeman School.