Westmount School will be welcoming new principal Adam Pirie in the upcoming school year.

Pirie has been involved with the Golden Hills School Division (GHSD) for several years, with his most recent job prior to this being the associate principal at Crowther Memorial Junior High. This is his first time being the principal, and he's excited to get his start at a school as wonderful as Westmount School.

"It's really exciting Westmount School has a really incredible staff and I'm excited to have the opportunity to to join the team," he said.

Pirie strongly believes in the Westmount School team, saying they've had, and continue to have, great success at creating a welcoming, positive learning environment for students. Because of this strong belief, Pirie explained he's looking to find ways to continue to build on what's already established, rather than make any big changes to how things are done at the school.

"I'm just excited to build on the successes that they've already had in creating some really powerful learning experiences for students. Ultimately, we want to create the conditions that all students can be successful."

Pirie has a background in extracurricular activities, including coaching basketball at Strathmore High School, and spoke highly of the opportunities already available at Westmount School. Pointing to Westmount's opportunities like its hockey program, volleyball team, and more, Pirie is looking forward to finding ways to continue offering fantastic extracurricular programs for all students.

"There's already some really exciting things that are happening. So I think it'll just be about looking for opportunities to expand on those.  And as always, we're just looking to make things even better moving forward." 

Even though Pirie is new to being a principal, he said lessons and experiences he's taken from his time as an associate principal will serve him and the school well as he prepares to lead Westmount School.  

"Number one is just the importance of relationships. And I think that starts obviously with our school community and building relationships as a staff and to be a strong collaborative team together. I also think it's about building strong relationships with students and their families. And I just think there's lots of things that from a more of a technical side that we need to work on, but it all starts with relationships."

The first day of school for the GHSD is September 5.

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