Miss Strathmore Stampede Martina Holtkamp had a busy but great rodeo season. Representing Strathmore, Holtkamp travelled to many different places and rodeos, which culminated in the pro rodeo season ending last weekend in Edmonton.

After a busy season, some people may just want to rest and take it easy, but Holtkamp enjoyed it so much that she now has her eyes on trying to become the next Miss Rodeo Canada! While the constant travelling and public speaking may be tiring to some, Holtkamp considers herself the ultimate extrovert and enjoyed every minute of it.

"It was honestly the best thing ever. I had so much fun. I was out and about just about every weekend and just embracing every single opportunity that I could."

With that rodeo season over, Holtkamp now turns to the Canadian Finals Rodeo (CFR), which starts on November 2. This is when Holtkamp, along with Miss Ponoka Stampede and Miss Rodeo Wainwright will all compete for the crown. It'll be a busy week, and Holtkamp is already hard at work preparing for what it takes to be Miss Rodeo Canada.

"I'm a little bit of a study nut so I write out cue cards on different rodeo information and equine science. I've been riding with different reigning trainers, trying to learn from them on different horsemanship patterns. I've been practicing public speaking, so doing my speech in front of my family and friends and for my coworkers and different opportunities to public speak, and embracing every opportunity to learn," she said.

Holtkamp explained that there is a lot of unseen work and effort that goes into being Miss Rodeo Canada.

"There's so much detail and so much behind it that nobody really sees. You kind of just see the girl out there smiling and waving and riding the horse and the sparkles."

Among the unseen expectations is an extensive written exam, which Holtkamp said usually comes as the biggest surprise.

"We do a written exam to run for Miss Rodeo Canada as part of the competition and that rodeo exam can include anything from different rodeo rules to past champions to rodeo history to the sponsors of the Miss Rodeo Canada organization to equine health and diseases. And it's a really in depth exam."

That's not all there is though, Holtkamp is also preparing for other scored categories like public speaking, horsemanship, a fashion show, and a personal interview. Throughout the week, there are other aspects that are scored that the contestants may not be aware of, which involve secret judges!

If she wins, her role and responsibilities would be similar to what she's already doing as Miss Strathmore Stampede, but on a whole other level. As Miss Rodeo Canada, she would represent all of professional rodeo in Canada, and would also do a lot of international travelling for things like the National Finals Rodeo.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity Holtkamp really wants to experience, and she's hard at work to make her dreams come true. She said the support from her team and the community of Strathmore and Wheatland County has been a huge help as well.

"I would just like to say a huge thank you to my Queen Committee, as well as the Strathmore Stampede Committee and then just all their support I've received. I'm very thankful for that, and all the sponsors that support Miss Strathmore Stampede."

If Holtkamp wins, she would be the first Miss Rodeo Canada from Strathmore since Dawn Abbey in 1985. Good luck to Holtkamp, the entire community will be cheering you on!

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