There is so much to see in this year's online auction and one of the newest additions is Dental Hygiene Express. The team offers a mobile dental service that can take care of a lot of your day-to-day dental needs!! 

Services include dental hygiene exams, digital x-rays, dental cleanings, dental polishing, fluoride treatments, sealants for children, teeth whitening, denture cleaning, and needle-free anesthetic.

Dental Hygiene Express is the first mobile dental hygiene clinic in Calgary and surrounding communities. They are a practice that puts people first and are always looking for opportunities to innovate the delivery of care, especially in areas where access is limited. 


Their biggest advantage is that the clinic is mobile. This provides opportunities and freedom for people to receive care in cases where they may not be able to travel to an office. Their vision is to improve access to care by providing patient-centered, quality dental hygiene services to these areas.

There are multiple gift certificates to use with Dental Hygiene Express each valued at $250, with a starting bid of just $100 you could try this new service and save big! 

Check out these lots and bid here today: 



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