The Alberta Health Services (AHS) Screen Test Mobile Mammography Clinic will be returning to Strathmore from April 8 to 20 to provide potentially lifesaving screenings for cancer.

The Screen Test brings breast cancer screening to clients across Alberta. 

It states on the Wheatland County website that screening mammograms are routine tests used to find early signs of cancer in individuals who have no breast problems or symptoms.

They can find changes in the breast that are too small to be felt.

Early detection with mammograms is one of the reasons that 89 per cent of women are now surviving breast cancer. 

It is highly recommended all women between the ages of 45-74 get a mammogram, as the screening can catch a tumor before symptoms start developing.

Women, transgender women, gender diverse and/or nonbinary people are all eligible for screening. 

To book an appointment phone 1-800-667-0604, and for more information visit

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