Chestermere's former mayor and three former city councillors court application to be reinstated into their former positions have been turned down.

On December 4, 2023, Chestermere Mayor Jeff Colvin and councillors Mel Foat, Blaine Funk and Stephen Hanley were removed from office by Municipal Affairs Minister Ric McIver and they have sought an injunction on Mclver's dismissal order. 

After they were removed a provincial inspection looking into how the City of Chestermere was being managed was conducted. 

In the inspection report it stated that the city was being managed in an irregular, improper and improvident manner. 

In the court application Colvin and the former councillors argued that the inspection report has factual errors and was based mostly on options and speculation.

In the courts decision that was released on Friday (Feb 9), Court of King’s Bench Justice Johanna Price said the group did not satisfy the requirements for an immediate injunction. 

Back in November 2023, another injunction was ruled in regards to stop the Government of Alberta's plain to fire Chestermere city council, which was also denied. 

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