The sun is shining and the Seed and Feed crew is back on the road heading to Mullen Farms.

Donna Mullen shed a little light on how Mullen Farms came to be, explaining her husband Shawn grew up in Banff but got the itch for the prairies.

"He always loved coming out here, both his grandparents farmed out here so his Grandpa and Grandma Mullen farmed by Gleichen and then his other grandparents farmed just across the highway from us here."

The Mullens still live in the house that Donna Grew up in. With 10 000 acres of barley, wheat, canola, and peas to seed the crew got started a little late this year. Donna said normally they start at around April 20 but this year they started on May 1 so the crew is going hard to get everything done as quickly as they can. 

It's not just the 10 000 acres though, as the Mullen family also has 700 cows so there's no time to rest.

"Our heifers started calving on January 10 and then our cows actually start February 1, and our cutoff date is usually kind of the first part of April. Once we start in the fields it's full on in the field so the cows have to be done."

Donna and her husband, along with their two sons work the farm with their hired hands, "I've got one son who loves cows and one who loves farming so it worked out pretty well."

Grateful for a lunch delivery, it was a quick visit for the crew and they were back to work. Coming off the rain this week they are looking forward to warming days this weekend. 

Today's delivery was sponsored by Strathmore Flooring Concepts with lunch provided by Mike's Bar & Grill. 

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