Nat's picks of the day start bidding today!! 

Pick #1 would have be The Rack on 3rd, you can get a $50 gift certificate right now for a starting bid of just $20!!

I struggle with finding the perfect gift for my mum; whatever she needs she picks up for herself. She loves clothes, but in the past not the one's I have picked so this is a win win. I save money and get my mum a gift she can use and we can spend the day shopping together!  
Be sure to scroll through the whole list because there is multiple gift certificates in this auction! 

store front

Pick #2 would have to be the great services offered by Ruzesky Esthetics, more great savings in store with multiple $50 gift certificates available for a starting bid of just $20! 
These can be used for all different services including chemical peels, facials, dermaplaning, pedicures, waxing an full body scrubs. Can not be used for laser hair removal or skin rejuvenation treatments. 


Pick #3 for my last pick of the day it is all about getting out and seeing the world with the help of the team at Kaledoscope Travel and Cruise!! 
I can't wait to get back on a plane and start travelling again, and you can get started with a $100 voucher for just $40, and be sure to scroll the full auction there is more than just one to bid on!

Use your $100 voucher towards travel over $1000, Kaleidoscope Travel is ready to customize your travel dreams!

travel photos

These are just a few of the items in this falls auction and we will be sharing some great deals all week long, there are huge savings on items for your home, car, health, family, dining and much more!! 

Don't miss out and get those bids in today! And a little tip from me to you, if you want an item bad enough use the proxy bidding setting where you can set your max bid so it will automatically bid for you so you don't miss out on your favourite item!!