Prospect Human Service and the Town of Strathmore are hosting a job fair at the Travelodge on March 1 from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.  

Workforce Advisor at Prospect Human Services Jennifer Dost explains how they are really excited about this job fair and what potential applicants should expect. 

“You will be greeted by us, but we will also have a large poster with a QR code that clients can take a picture of, or they can just look at the poster. The poster will have a list of the employers and the types of positions that they are hiring for.”  

Dost says if any employee hires under 18 years old there will be a little asterisk by the name of the company because they really want to encourage the public to come out and about half of the 26 employers that will be there will be hiring people that are under 18.  

Dost encourages people to come into the Prospect Human Services office in Strathmore if they would like to tweak their resume before the job fair. Prospect is directly connected to every single employer that will be attending so if people would like to connect with an employer after the event, they are there to make that happen. 

“We're trying to give people as much support before and after that as we can.”  

Dost stresses they are working with employers and trying to figure out what their deal breakers would be, and they also want to get the applicants to be thinking of their transferable skills as well, so they pick the job that they are best suited for.  

“The employers that I talk to, they say more and more that they will take someone that they see face to face, who are well spoken than even someone who is a stellar candidate that is on paper.”  

Prospect and Dost encourages people to explore a career change and says that a job fair is a valuable tool because that is where you can get connected with so many people and come out with a lot of contacts that will help you further down the road.  

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