The local Alberta Precision Laboratories (APL) community lab has moved to a larger location across town.

The APL has switched over to 299 Edgefield Place, previously located in Country Lane Mall. 

Executive Director of Community Services for APL Yolanda Lackie said the new facility has nine rooms, up from four at the old location.

"This expansion will enhance our capacity to serve the community more efficiently now and into the future as the population grows."

In addition, Lackie explains that there is ample parking with a larger waiting room. 

"It will make for more convenient and pleasurable visits for our patients and their families, we believe."

WAIT ROOMNew larger waiting room. 

According to Lackie, wait times at this location are good, with an average span of 17 minutes.

"It could cut down on that even. We always strive to provide the best quality of care and timely service to the community."

Electrocardiogram services will be provided at the new site for the first time.

"We think the community will benefit from this, which will be more convenient. Once they collect blood, they can also come for their electrocardiogram simultaneously."

Lackie explains that a lot of time and preparation has been put into moving to the new lab. 

"We're going to keep many things the same; our staff are going to be the same, and the times will remain the same."

Today, APL launched at the new location.

"We're celebrating with our staff and welcoming the community into our new site. We will want to hear what the new community thinks."

outsideView from outside at 299 Edgefield Place. 

Lackie says they welcome feedback from the community.

"Any feedback is welcome as we strive to provide the best services and timely access for the local community."

Operating hours are unchanged, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to noon.

To book an appointment, call 1-877-702-4486 or book online

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