The new Wheatland Shores Campground is set to open in the next couple of months and they are ready to take your applications for the campsites. 

The Wheatland Shores Campground is on the same location as the Eagle Lake Campground. It is the same location but under new owners with a new vision and new values.  

Owner of the Rocking R Guest Ranch Ryan Carriere says they have taken over the lease of the Eagle Lake RV Park and they have rebranded the campground. 

“One of the biggest things that we are doing differently is that there is going to be a public day use area. We have got some green space, a fire pit, we are going to have sand on the beach, kayaks for rent. People can come down for the day, spend time on the beach, have a weenie roast and enjoy!”    

There are going to be around 100 sites that campers can come down and use. There is going to be a mix of seasonal, nightly, and weekly spots.  

“They are mainly for RV’s but there are also some unserved tent spots as well. We have some ideas for the future to have some glamping spots. Whether it is setting up andoutfitter tent and kind of having all the infrastructure in place so that someone can just kind of come and rent that spot.”  

Carriere says that this may be an idea that will happen in the second or third year of operation and not in this year coming. 

One of the biggest concerns of campers is how clean the water is to be able to swim in and that is something that Carriere is taking very seriously and working on. 

“I think that a lot of lakes in Southern Alberta in August get hot and dry, it has had some water quality issues. I think that the Western Irrigation District have been monitoring it and they will put out a warning if there is an algae bloom or something like that, but if there are no warnings then it is suitable, I believe.” 

There is also going to be an ice cream store that will have necessities and that people will need if they don’t want to make the trip back into town for certain items. 

“The buildings are kind of onsite now, so we are looking at opening it and designing it right now. We are also taking a look at inventory and what we would want to carry. We are looking at having convenience store items for people who don’t want to leave the campground.”  

As for the cost of renting out one of the lots, there isn't anything that is put in stone just yet. It is going to depend on the number of guests that would want to come to the campground. 

“We haven't solidified any of our costs just yet. But we know that it is going to be reasonable to currently take a look at what other campgrounds are offering. We want to make sure that we are reasonably priced and not too high or too low. Be kind of somewhere in the middle.”   

For more information on how to book a spot at Wheatland Shores Campground email them at 

Wheatland Lakes CampgroundPhoto Courtesy: Wheatland Shores Campground Facebook Page

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