Today was the grand opening of the new Pharmacy Care Clinic at Shoppers Drug Mart in Strathmore. The new clinic will offer healthcare services to patients for Heath advice and care, including assessment and prescribing of common ailments and chronic conditions. 

Having a care clinic like this one at the Strathmore Shoppers in something that is incredibly exciting for Associate Owner and Pharmacists, Moses Ojemakinde as he says the Pharmacy Care Clinic is for providing patients with convivence. 

"Access to Primary Health care services has been an ongoing issue across the country for some time now. However, this clinic will be making it easier for the patient to get access to the services that they need."

Ojemakinde expanded on that thought by saying that the opening of the clinic means that patients will have access to the services they need from the dedicated teams of pharmacists in a familiar setting. 

"The goal is that pharmacists in Alberta can provide ongoing monitoring, education and care plans for the patient with chronic health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and so much more." 

Mayor Pat Fule expressed that on behalf of the Town of Strathmore, that he welcomes the clinic to the community and is elated for its grand opening.

"We think it's going to be a great opportunity to deliver more services and take some pressure off some of the doctor clinics in town. It's a great addition to our community. We look forward to your success and thank you to Shoppers Drug Mart of Canada too for putting these initiatives through in various parts of our province and our country but for Strathmore, it's going to be a really great thing. So, we wish you all the best in the future." 

The District Manager of Operation for Shoppers Drug Mart in Southern Alberta, Bohdan Kolomijchuk expressed that Ojemakinde and Fule really set the tone for how excited Shoppers Drug Mart is for installing these Pharmacy Care Clinics. 

"We're embarking on something that will really make Canadians live life well and we're really going to do that here with the Strathmore team." 

The clinic is currently open and ready to accept patients. 

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