The 'time of day' angling restrictions for the ES1 fisheries management zone remains in place after the initial two-week restriction was put into effect on July 28.

And it's now in place until further notice but historically the restrictions usually end on August 31.

The restrictions are essentially anywhere on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains in the ES1 zone (see map below).

The restrictions are due to the low river flows and high temperatures and still includes:

  • All rivers and streams (flowing waters) in fisheries management zone ES1, including the Bow River downstream of Banff National Park to Bassano Dam (this includes Ghost Reservoir, Glenmore Reservoir, Bearspaw Reservoir and Bassano Reservoir).
  • St. Mary's River mainstem (including tributaries) below the St. Mary's Reservoir in fisheries management zone PP1.

And the Alberta government announced on Friday, Aug. 11 that an 'angling advisory' has now been implemented in the ES2, PP1 and NB3 zones.

They are asking anglers to reduce their impact on fish by:

  • Fish only in stocked ponds and lakes – avoid fishing in creeks and rivers.
  • Fish early in the morning when temperatures are cooler.
  • Using slightly heavier tackle can help you reel in a fish quickly, which helps reduce exhaustion and improve recovery.
  • Keep fish wet at all times and minimize handling time.
  • Use single point, single hook lures or flies (example: no treble hooks or multiple hooks on a single lure or fly).

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